The Story

At Momma Love, all of our brands tell a story.  Little Birdie Love is a story near and dear to our heart.  You can read more about our journey to become moms with our Momma Love Story over at

Erin ~ Founder & Mom to Elijah and Xavier

My Little Birdie Love story came when I took the leap of faith to start Momma Love.  I was doubting myself and worrying if I made the right decision.  I looked up at a collection of pictures of my mom I have on my wall and asked her to give me a sign that I was doing the right thing.  I started hearing a tapping sound, and I look over and see this little birdie knocking on my window.  I posted the video of the bird online and someone tells me that it is a Gold Finch and can represent a loved one visiting you in spirit.  Goldfinches have a ton of spiritual meanings, including creativity, joy, happiness, balance and starting a new journey. I got my sign, and here we are!

Sarah ~ Founder & Mom to Henry, Emily and Eve

My Little Birdie Love story is really all about HOPE... I lost my first child following a traumatic birth injury. So, the journey that followed was founded completely in hope. I did become pregnant again and really just focused on finding the joy in every moment- during pregnancy and beyond... My daughter was born, healthy and squawking and I called her "Birdie." She is such a joy- strong, inquisitive, brave, fluttering everywhere, busy, chirping... SHE is my hope. She is my Little Birdie.